Drain Tile Design and Installation


A comprehensive surface and subsurface drainage system can play a critical part in your overall farming program. In fact, it is just as important as your seed, chemical and fertilizer.

Prose Drainage has been serving farmers, land owners and managers since 1981 with drainage solutions that are designed with advanced GPS satellite surveying tools. There is no guess work. These systems are highly accurate and guaranteed to perform well for many years to come, and will make short work of your annual planting and harvesting efforts. Increase your productivity and the value of your farm land with a professionally designed and installed drain tile system. Go with experience, go with confidence, go with the experts at Prose Drainage.

Drain it. Farm it. Reclaim those lost acres.

You don’t have to wait until harvest!

Take advantage of a more flexible schedule during the summer months. You can schedule your installation during the summer growing season and take advantage of our discount program which compensates you for crops damaged during installation.


We utilize advanced GPS technologies to map, design and install a tiling system that is guaranteed to perform well, and allow you to get in and plant your crop in what seems to be a smaller and smaller “window of opportunity”, considering the weather trends of recent years. You can virtually eliminate replanting in those trouble areas, and get your seed off to a strong and early start every year.

Build Your System In Phases

Your custom drainage system can be installed in phases. Start with mains and laterals in high priority areas, then complete the system as income permits over the next few years. Additional sections of tile can be tied in to the mains, allowing expansion of the system in affordable phases.

A comprehensive drainage plan which includes both surface and subsurface designs, can make a tremendous difference to your farm program. The benefits of drainage include better soil aeration, more timely field operations, less flooding in low areas, higher soil temperatures, less surface runoff, better soil structure, better incorporation of herbicides, and better root development, all leading to increased crop yields. Many farmers report yield increases of 5 to 10 bushels per acre for soybeans, and 10 to 25 bushels per acre for corn, conservatively.

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