Subsurface Drainage Contractor

GPS Surveying and Mapping

Digital Land Surface Modeling
We offer topographical mapping services for applications other than farm drainage. GPS data can be collected from your job site or project area, and used to reveal detail and relief illustrating natural and man-made features of the land. An excellent tool for planning and designing, and ultimately gaining control of your surface drainage. Large format color maps allow you to literally “see” the terrain from any perspective.
Global Positioning Satellites
GPS is a group of networked satellites orbiting the Earth. These satellites have precision clocks and use radio signals to broadcast location information. Using satellites, a GPS receiver on the ground picks up the signals and determines a location anywhere in the world. By adding sophisticated software, a base station and communications link, location can be accurately determined down to the centimeter level.
RTK = Highly Accurate
Our on-board systems use both laser and RTK-GPS data, integrating with specialized software designed for drainage pipe installation. This software calculates the optimum slopes and grade breaks for mains and laterals and controls the machine grade during installation. The result is a very accurate, highly effective drain tile system that performs well for many years. 3D topographical maps are also generated from this data showing the drain system design and layout.
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